WeeklyBeats 8/52 – The Very Best Of – My Washing Machine.


This handpicked, carefully selected excerpt represents some of the finest music concrete to ever grace the ears of the housing co-operative.
The old Simpson, after a career of hits, graces you with possibly its most raucous and energetic performance to date.

Mixed and digitally remastered for all your listening pleasure.

This submission is licensed by author under CC Attribution Noncommercial No Derivative Works (BY-NC-ND)

WeeklyBeats 2018 7/52 ‘Gasoline’

A short and melancholy finger-picking diddly, based around some chords I’ve liked for ages.
I think as part of this group of WB songs I’ll also write up some guitar transcriptions for the eventual bundle/release. I’ll also do some guitar videos – though the microphone on my phone is useless – so that might have to wait till I figure something better out.
I’m going back during the weeks now and working on my previous songs – adding parts / remastering them, and the difference is huge! Starting to get comfortable with the idea of releasing these tracks in such a rush – especially now that I’ve heard some of them with the polish that comes from a bit of extra time.
Thanks for listening!


Is this everything you’ve ever wanted?
We’ve come so far
I know at times you get so lost and daunted –
but look where we are.

And it’s always
Cookin’ in the back of my mind.
I keep on looking and looking –
But I don’t find it.

And I’ll go running round the streets where I grew up
Without you
And I still dream of lighting gasoline
and busting out.

Now we’re running up and round the garden –
of branching paths.
Read the signs we don’t know where we’re going
Too much to ask.

And it’s always,
playin’ in the back of my mind.
I keep on looking and looking
but I don’t find it.

Weekly Beats 2018 6/52 ‘DRDT’


I have a German surname. I like beer. I also live ridiculously close to a local German Club, to which I ventured just before recording this guy.

Though I’ve never been to Germany, I have been as far as the Northern hemisphere once.
Around July-August 2016 I spent close to a month in Nashville. TBH in many ways it was a poor financial investment – I could have spent the money on Bitcoin, for instance.
But I did get to hear first hand the absolute extent to which they take Country music. Let me tell ya folks, it’s pretty full on.
In general the quality of the musicians and local music scene is great and really varied.

I wrote this song around that time – just before I left tbh, but with country music vibes in mind. And then arranged it quite differently in my band – in a big production kinda style.
But I never recorded the solo, stanky version that I originally intended to do – so that’s W6. Again, not technically an original composition, but definitely an original exploration of my electric guitar tone + vocals.

Rode M1 Dynamic on Vox amp
Nude C12 Condenser in a room.

Thanks to Nick for some lyrics on this one!

That German club has very strong beers.

I got an old friend of mine.
She’s been around a long, long time.
I got her back – and she’s got mine
I don’t wanna go, but it’s my time.

And it’s happening again
a thousand times, I’ve been here,
And a thousand more.
I don’t know how and I don’t know when
but I’m already dead –
dead and gone –
down river, downtown, down river, downtown.

I’m getting old before my time
She been ah rollin’ down the line
Tell us a story in all your glory
you’re breaking down
Meet me on the main street,
or on the edge of town.

When I reach my destination
When I’m running on and free
I got my baby by the doorstep –
Think she’s good enough for me

I’m enamored by your dancin
I’m a fool for you

Baby girl when I was gone
down river, downtown.

Weekly Beats 2018 5/52 ‘St Paul’s Piano’

Week 5/52

WeeklyBeats is hosted somewhere else around the world – and the resulting time zone difference means that the ‘week’, from my location in South Australia, ends at 1030am on a Monday morning, instead of Sunday midnight.

Which is lucky because I’d planned to do a lo-fi guitar recording last night, but was instead drunk and dancing to techno at midnight.

I may have slightly contravened the WB rules regarding a ‘new’ song every week because this piece is pretty old, but considering I did write a new piece and just got drunk and didn’t record it… and the overarching reason I’m doing this project is to consistently put out content, I don’t really care.

This project – the hip-hop vibe made in collab with my friend Michael, is going to feature strongly in WB2018, but not before I’ve finished some more solo guitar stuff to give myself a personal Album which I can sell and promote.


“Made with the help of a good friend M Ellingford.
Instrumental hip-hop piano vibes – I love the sound so expect more. ”



The Skeleton Club – Alberton EP


TSC released a record this month!

We recorded the 5 tracks in Melbourne at Oaklands Studios with Beau McKee. It was heaps of fun and many good memories were made. We hired a charmingly-dodgy shithole of an AirBnB in Richmond. Some ate UberEats and went to bed early, some stayed up all night getting weird. Hint – direct correlation with girlfriends.

The process verged on being rushed – but I think we got heaps done in a small amount of time. We even had some horn players come in on a dime and lay down horns on track 3.

The end result is, in my opinion, very profesh sounding and I’m super proud of it. I learnt a lot and think we could do some things better next time / would love to explore different approaches. All things considered though, I reckon Alberton is a really good piece and it’s so good to have it out so we can finally show people recordings which sound like us!

I’m going to upload some videos of guitar play-throughs because a couple of these guitar parts I’m also very happy with and would love to put them up online for science. Tabs to follow.


Please have a listen and buy the CD if you like it!

Weekly Beats 2018 4/52 ‘Guns and Steel.’

Week 4. A month has gone by!

(It has taken me a month to get this blog together. Finally I’m uploading in real-time.)
I wanted to use a specific technique I’d heard in a few songs I love, where you just piece 2 or 3 completely seperate ideas together and that’s the song. Band on the run is a good example, or Hours of Wealth by Opeth.
So here’s a bit of a tricky one
It was ‘Australia Day’ during this week, with lots of interesting topics floating around. Public consciousness is 2018 is a pretty cool phenomenon.
I headed home after hanging with some friends during the afternoon to work on the track – gotta put in dem hours – and wrote some stream-of-consciousness lyrics, and figured I’d embrace the Aussie accent on the vocals.
I think different accents can suit different styles of music in varying degrees.

Are you other WB2018ers planning to ‘release’ their tracks as an album or something like that?
I think i’ll start exporting these updates to a blog or insta account and also add some visual element. If anyone does something similar plz let me know so I can check out your stuff and support your account smile

Guns and Steel
All out so soon
Friends are jumping around
You’re not around
Like water, shorting out a circuit board – Australian made
A country lost and found.
Sunburnt and homesick
There’s people in the streets – too many to count.
Have I found home?
I haven’t found your lord

Weekly Beats 2018 3/52 ‘Run and Carry’

Week 3/52 Run and Carry

A song idea that didn’t work a while ago in my band, I love that guitar riff too much to not use it. –  Perhaps bit off a bit more than I could chew (I forget how quick a week can go by). Big thanks to Tom and Anthony for helping out with vox + drums.

I haven’t really gone for a project yet that uses live drums, so that was a challenge (I live in an apartment block), but fun. It helps when the drums / drummer have great tone to begin.
(NUDE C-12Clone Condenser + the NUDE ribbon mic for drum sound.)

Experimented with some wack vocal harmonies. I don’t always like recording my own voice tbh but getting used to it. Hearing myself back is funny/painful sometimes but I’m definitely having more fun with it. However, there is a 100% chance of me doing some songs without vocals haha.

Lots of synths
Way too much time on this song, I might go back to something simple next week. Spend less time making the piece and more time listening to what everyone else is doing smile

I will likely come back and re-mix this one with a fresh ear down the track.
Thanks for listening!!!! Peace

Thunder, and heavy rain
Couldn’t hold me back, or keep me away
I’m running straight towards it, a burning sun
I know I’m not (no I’m not) the only one.

False love, and prison chains
Couldn’t tie her down – she’s wasted so many days
How could we be so fucking blind?
It’s not wasted love, but wasted time.

As your fragile love, turned away from me
Where my eyes had lost your shadow by the sea –
Bring me home
Bring me peace.
Coz every day I travel farther from you – and I admit defeat.